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Grief, Loss, and Complicated Grief

Individual therapy available for individuals dealing with anticipatory, acute, or

complicated grief.


  • Bereavement is the loss of a loved one. Grief is the reaction to the loss. During the mourning process, grief usually starts out as acute grief that is intense, and that over time is reshaped into a form that is quieter and integrated into the person’s life. Integrated grief enables people to remember and honor their loved ones, without disrupting their own lives.


  • Sometimes that does not happen. The person is “stuck” in acute grief and mourning is derailed. We call this “Complicated Grief.”


Complicated Grief (CG) does not resolve on its own, but it is receptive to treatment. I use the Complicated Grief Treatment (CGT) protocol that was developed at Columbia’s Center for Complicated Grief, which scientific and clinical studies have shown to be the best treatment for CG in the world.


This short-term 16 session evidence-based approach therapy facilitates adaptation to loss and resolves grief complications. 

The core principals used in CGT:


  • Everyone has a natural inborn capacity to adapt to loss

  • We adapt best by dealing with acceptance, restoration and continuing bonds in tandem

  • Adaptation does not mean grief is gone: Grief needs to find a place in our lives, softened by a sense of continuing bonds and feelings of self- compassion



Grief is the story of love after loss. It is not a state or a moment in time or a single emotion. It unfolds and evolves over time.

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