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"The Loss of a Loved One: When Grief Gets Complicated"  



Rye Free Reading Room  Rye, NY. (2018)

New Canaan YMCA  New Canaan, CT (2019)

Rye YMCA.  Rye, NY (upcoming in 2020)

This workshop covers:
Grief * Loss * Bereavement * Mourning * Symptoms of Grief * Commonalities of Grief *
Acute Grief * Adaptation * Integrated Grief * Complicated Grief (CG) * Core Symptoms of
CG * People at risk for CG * Treatment of CG *Outline of Complicated Grief Treatment


"Coping With Grief During The Holidays"                                                                       



St. Augustine School Library.   Ossining, NY  (2019)

 This workshop covers:

 Grief vs Bereavement * Ebb, flow, oscillation of grief

* Normal range of grief emotions * Memories * Holiday Season’s emotional triggers *Tangible coping skills * Learning how to say NO * Strategies to Avoid *Importance of rituals * Creating new rituals, memories, customs, ceremonies * The 5 C's: Cope, Choose, Compassion, Communicate, Compromise * Coping with the insensitivity of others * Children, Grief & The Holidays * Reassurance & Hope. 

(Presented by Linnie Pickering, LMSW & Gae Savino, LCSW, CT)  

"Loss, Acceptance and Support in Parenting Children with a Disability"  

A Workshop for Parents, Families and Friends

Dramatic Pragmatics    Rye, NY  2019 

Rye YMCA  Rye, NY    2019


This workshop covers:

Who are our children with disabilities *Understanding the grieving process *Internal, external, & psychological stressors* Coping skills * Stress management *How to support parents of a child with a disability  What to say and what not to say to parents * Self-care for parents


(Presented by: Linnie L. Pickering, L.M.S.W., and Sasha Blackwell, Ph.D., NCSP)


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