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Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assualt Fact Sheet

  • Sexual harassment is “unwelcome” sexual comments, gestures, jokes, looks, behaviors, requests for sex, being touched in a sexual way, or being forced to do something sexual.


  • The behavior must be sexual in nature or sex-based, deliberate or repeated, and unwelcome and not asked for.


  • It is still harassment if the victim does not say or object to the behavior at the time. He or she may be too embarrassed, afraid or uncomfortable to speak up.


  • It is illegal when someone in a position of authority or power requests or requires one in a lesser position to submit to sexually harassing behavior as a condition of employment, advancement, acceptance, or continuation in any activity.


  • It is a victim’s right to feel safe and take action to protect those rights.


  • The victim is NOT to blame.

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